Tuesday, 14 February 2012

There was once a girl called Jess Sturich

A while back I came up with this idea for a final film (I codenamed it "Jess Sturich", don't know if I mentioned it) that basically told the life story of a teenage girl, Jess. She's is a subject of our 21st century society's judgements and double standards and has her resulting decisions scrutinized by a senient being dubbed the voice. Insecurities about her friends and pressures from men colour her choices in a way that all of us would react to, and that's brought underneath the microscope. It's a film discussing religion, society, the two sides to every person and the everyday choices we make.

So, yes, I'm not doing that anymore. While (in my opinion) a great idea to try and portray, it's a long idea to set-up and deliver, while doing the premise any sort of justice. When putting together an animatic of the entire piece with images and script, the film came close to 12 minutes long, an endeavour far exceeding the constraints of my time. In order to come out with a film for the end of the semester, I need to either create a new story with my current honest of characters, or condense the plot to around 1/6th of its current state. The drawbacks of either choice being needing to spend time recreating pre-production elements or not being able to tell the story in a fair way.

Other aspects of this project which have been impacted is the hunt of the voice actress and the music for the film. The voice actress search has been fruitful and positive, some very good applicants have approached me and making the decision has been tough. However with the script undergoing revisions again, their input can't move forward. The music has been less successful. The music artist I was working with, acquired at a Animation/Music collaboration some weeks back, has fallen through and backed out of the project citing personal issues. So the hunt begins again for someone willing to add their musical talents to this undergraduates final film.

And there's the update. I'm trying to get into the habit of updating this blog weekly, I just need to remember the time I scheduled out for it. Thank you internet.

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