Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pop goes the Lichtenstein

I wanted to post some research sketches I've made in preparation for my final film codenamed: "Jess Sturich". I've been looking into the style of Roy Lichtenstein a famous American artist known for being a big figure in the art movement called Pop Art. I don't know if 'movement' is really the word for it, since it was a pretty big advancement in the way art can be produced but it's greatest cultural impact was providing an easier way to print the Funnies in newspapers. Regardless, we've all seen this kind of drawing before and I've always enjoyed it, but that may be my love of cartoons talking. And now I'm in the position to replicate it. So here's some initial sketches to help me get the style down. First I tried drawing images already out there:

Then I tried to draw myself in the style. Beware, the results are horrifying.

Using these I'll work on character designs for the characters in Jess Sturich.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I worked out that today marks the halfway point for this semester. Currently I'm in week 7 of a couple 13 week modules, and with Wednesday being the midpoint of the business week, I'm now closer to the end than to the beginning. What a scary, depressing thing to realise.

On review, I think I've spent my time as wisely as I could and I've learned a little bit, but on retrospect of my progress is, I don't feel satisfied with where I am. The workload got very heavy immediately and juggling the several balls that were thrown my way left my final film (the project I most want to work on) on the back burner. My final film in particular will require a hefty amount of pre-production in order to get going. In fact, the setting up of backgrounds, characters and scenery elements is going to be the hardest part of the task, not even the animation. And I should be, by week 7, well into producing those parts. Nevertheless, because of animation social distractions and professional practices, I'm barely out of character development stage. It can get slightly aggravating. However, now that I've assessed and realised my situation, I can take steps to rectify it. I mean, it would be much worse if I was behind in my work and didn't realise it, at least now I can do something about it...and hopefully without upsetting my professional practices.

On a different note, we went to London today. Here's a picture of me with a living statue:

You like that? Good. It was an alright trip. It mainly involved walking around, looking at artwork, walking around some more, looking at historical artefacts and walking around looking for the lost people who weren't walking around fast enough. Also, despite my earlier ranting, I've managed to assemble a test of the opening scene of my film, the name of which I've codenamed "Jess Sturich". This is just to test the timing of the opening scene, none of the visuals are not those intended for the final piece.