Friday, 2 December 2011

12 days of Universitmas

It's been just a couple days (3 weeks) since my last post, so I felt it's about time for an update. At this very moment in time, I'm sitting on the cusp of week 12 of this semester. That fairly tedious information until I mention that the semester is 13 weeks in total, which means, as one can imagine, hand-in dates are looming, tensions are rising and haphazard explosions into lyrical verse are at an all-time high!

On my personal basis though, remember how I expressed before about how I wasn't happy with the place I was at in my work? Well I feel a little better on that front now, having gone a little bit in the way of rectifying that. The idea for my final film, 'Jess Sturich', was pretty locked before I returned to uni this year. I'd even sorted out my storyboard by the beginning of september. This put me in a better position than a lot of my class before the year even began. So with that sorted, I didn't really consult my lecturers with it, instead letting them get on with other students and focusing on the other projects we have. It was only until about week 7/8 that I properly went through my story with a lecturer and was given an honest evaluation of the impossibility of my idea. To say the very least, that meeting didn't go according to plan and sat me behind of schedule, going some of the way to prompt that post from earlier. However since then I've been prepping the pre-production elements of 'Jess Sturich' like finalising a doable story, character designs, colour schemes, a storyboard and getting some of the way through a script. While I'm not in a perfect place, and there's still a lot to do, I feel in a better position now.

All this probably goes some of the way to explain why I haven't had the time to post anything. I've been working pretty hard on a live professional brief as well as and devoting some time to our dreaded dissertation. It has been a busy few weeks. But why should you have to take my word for it? Shouldn't I put up some proof of my labours, huh? That's what you want to see really. Well...that's where I have to let you down. An excerpt from a partially completed dissertation would be boring. Posting the storyboard for 'Jess Sturich' would be even more boring and I'm not even sure how much I can say about the professional project (even though I'm probably being far to particular for my own good). But rest assured, soon a torrent of imagery will come, bear with.

But in the meanwhile, here's a couple videos I found for my very own University of Wolverhampton. I think they're in the same vein as University of Lincoln adverts. They look pretty fun!

Wolverhampton University Ad from Charlotte McCabe on Vimeo.

Wolverhampton University Viral from Patrick Fowler on Vimeo.

University of Wolverhampton - Viral Advertisement from Graham D. Lock on Vimeo.