Friday, 3 February 2012

Jess: The Set-Up

Ok, so I'm going to start going through different elements of my final film. Some aspects will more developed to make the film while others may just be simple considerations. And I'm going to start with the Pop-Up Book setting.

 There's a shot from the storyboard displaying the book. It's made from about 60 layers of flat rectangular planes arranged to make a 3D book. Took a couple days of arranging and nit-picking (over an unnecessarily long period of a few weeks) to finish up and here's the result 

   I had a vision of how events would take place across the surface of the book. Through a  system of rooms, which each room containing a different environment and appropriate characters. There'd be either 2 or 3 rooms and Jess would walk through them as she recounts events. So practically realising them was the next challenge, keeping in mind, that the pages would turn. Foldable environments were key.

   But I quickly realised (as well as other people) the the center parting may have proved a problem, the dip in the pages is quite noticable. I thought about embracing the crease and having a running joke of having the characters visibly jump over the gap whenever the time came. I thought that would further cement the idea of the book and add a little more humour (if people didn't see the space and fell in accidently, for example). But that didn't pan out, because basically, I needed a floor. Also the space available with a three room set-up wasn't enough, so 1 or 2 rooms on one double page spread is all I'm allowed.

Then it came to actually designing the locations. The above ones are the initial university kitchen and the school corridor. You can see in the school passage on the left through the doorway the pink wall. That doorway is the practice method of handling that mechanic of moving through rooms. I plan on using camerawork to minimise the presence of other rooms to keep the focus on the current location. I figured that doorway is way too large.

This is the current university student house setting in development. I think the colours are good, suited for a calm living room environment. However it feel quite bare, in need of an Ikea visit or two. 

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